Monday, January 18, 2010

20 resolutions for the year 2010

I wanted to pen down my new year resolutions long back. But guess it is better late than never!

By penning down I would atleast try more to stick with my resolutions. I have succeeded in keeping up a few and failed in a few cases and it has been only the 18th of January yet!

1. Wake up at 7 a.m atleast on weekdays :(
2. Eat something green everyday. This will include my daily intake of veggies.
3. Have soup nights atleast once a week. :)
4. Eat fresh salads more often. :)
5. Incorporate more whole grains. So you can expect to see more of salads, soups and whole grains in my blog.
6. Work out atleast 4 days a week. This can be a combination of cardio, yoga and other classes offered at the local gym. This way I atleast get to use my gym membership.
7. Do strength training atleast two days a week. :)
8. Doing so am planning to lose atleast 10-15 pounds this year. Sigh!
9. Eat out only once a week. :)
10. Try to keep the eat-out as healthy as possible. :(
11. Try to keep the house organized as much as possible. I score low in this case. Hopefully I should stick to this resolution. :(
12. Finish my assignments and study during the day and hit the bed early. I am a night person and I stay awake for long when I have my assignments due. Planning to wrap up atleast by 11pm.
13. Limit my time spent on the computer by spending less time on Facebook, FarmVille, Cafe world and other social networking sites. :( :(
14.Maintain and update my spending plan and budget by the end of the week. Am planning to keep track of all the expenses.
15. Write out my weekly menu plan for lunch and dinner. This way I get to know exactly what I need to buy during my grocery shopping. This will help me prevent wasting food. :)
16. Try a pantry and refrigerator cleanup atleast once in two months. I will skip grocery shopping that week except for milk and eggs. This way I will not forget all the freezer meals and leftovers sitting behind in my refrigerator. Doing this currently!
17. Improve my photography skills.
18. Take Wilton's Cake decorating class this year ! have planning to do this for long!
19. Update this blog regularly and post atleast thrice a week on DilSe.
20. Drink more water!

Most of my resolutions revolve around food! Keeping my fingers crossed! Let me see how much I stick to these resolutions.

Good Luck to me!


  1. Nice to see the list of resolutions, Divya. I am a regular follower of your food blog and now this one too :) All the resolutions seem to be very realistic and so am sure you are going to stick to most of them....Thanks for inspiring me too :)
    Good luck and God bless !

  2. Hope you achieve what you have listed down and wish you all the best.


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