Friday, March 5, 2010


I had abandoned this space for a while and wanted to post something today!
Several things going on.. Moved to a new place and trying to settle in the new place.. Working on assignments and projects and exams.. Arranging things in place in our new home..
Amidst all this, i never wanted to give up on the C25K program I had started a while ago. I started my Week1 Day1 again this morning and ran up the hill near our house. It was fun exploring places during the run! Will update some pics of the hill later.
I had hardly been cooking for the past two weeks after clearing out my fridge and yet to start filling my pantry again! The best part is I have a trader joes close by and I walk everyday up to the store to buy something :)
Another update: I am trying to stay away from Facebook, Farmville, Cafe World n Orkut for the past couple of weeks and have been successful! I find a lot of free time in my hands now and realize how much time I have wasted in all these social networking sites and games. Let me see how long I can refrain !

On another note: Have you heard of lotions and soaps made with flax seed, quinoa and whole wheat! Check this out!!

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