Friday, May 13, 2011

May 11/Day 131 - Silhouette Wednesday

Have a look at my first attempt clicking Silhouette photographs.

Sig, Nags, Siri and I decided to pick a theme for our photographs one day of the week and it was Silhouette pictures for this week. I was supposed to post this picture on Wednesday but blogger was down and hence the delay!

Here is a picture of the husband (my model ;)) drinking his evening tea! It was almost past 7:30 pm and we still had some light!


  1. that's an awesome shot. great job Divya :)

  2. Lovely shot Divya. I am in transition to Bang. I don't I can do my Project 365, for quite sometime. :-(


  3. Thanks Siri. Take your time. You can continue with the project once you have settled at your new place :)


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