Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dusting away my abandoned blog!

I know! I have abandoned this place not just for a while, but for almost eight months! Sigh! Time flies so fast! Past few months several interesting things have happened in my life. We had a great relaxing vacation in India this time.. Travelling places, visiting friends and family and some amazing home-cooked mom's food.. Now am having a serious writing and cooking block. Haven't started cooking all three meals, have been surviving on frozen meals and quick cooking meals for a while. Time to wrap up all those and get into serious cooking and baking so that we eat fresh, wholesome meals.

Time to show my new friend these days! My new camera which my dear hubby got for me! Here is a picture!
Hoping to update a few of my clicks regularly!
Am not even sure if anyone is reading my ramblings here! If you do, whoever it is please drop in to say a Hi!


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