Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 20/Day 110 - Going high!

Rock climbing again!

April 19/Day 109 - Chicks

These are small chicks. Reminds me of the bright colored chicks sold along the roadsides back in India!

April 18/Day 108 - Face Painting

Again taken at the local YMCA during a kid's event. These colors were used for face painting which I like doing!

April 17/Day 107 - Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing for kids taken at an event held at the local YMCA!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 16/Day 106 - Matka Kulfi

This is one of our recent finds in LA. The kulfi is served in a Matka or a small pot which is chilled. We had this in a small Punjabi restaurant near our house.

April 15/ Day 105 - Look who I met!

Aarti Sequiera of Food Network fame. She was the Season 6 winner of the next Food Network Star. I met her during one of my weekly grocery shopping at trader joes. She was sweet to pose for a picture when I requested!

April 14/ Day 104 - Multa de $250

Found this sign near an elevator in my college campus.

April 13/Day 103 - At the Salon

Time for a new hairdo! This time it is the japanese hair straightening! Spent the 3 something hours reading some random magazines.

April 12/Day 102 - Plants at the Market

The first shop at the farmer's market is always a vendor with all types of small potted plants and herbs for the season. This picture reminds me that it is time to plant my herbs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 11/Day 101 - Red!

Taken at a local Cafe.. The whole wall was painted red!

April 10/Day 100 - A century!

Celebrating 100 days of Project 365!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 9/Day 99 - Sunrise

Taken during a long drive along the coast!

April 8/Day 98 - Getting older!

Happy Birthday to me!

April 7/Day 97 - Soup of the day!

At a local Cafe..

April 6/Day 96 - Berries at the market

Berries sold at the farmer's market! All fresh and flavorful. One of the joys being in Southern California!

April 5/Day 95 - Go Vegan!

 Taken at Native Foods Cafe - It is a vegan, 100% plant-based cafe with an interesting menu. Love the paintings there.

April 4/Day 94 - Mural

Taken at a Vegan Cafe in Culver City Downtown

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 3/Day 93 - Computer World

Taken at the Computer History Museum.

April 2/Day 92 - The World Cup is Ours!

A day never to be forgotten in every Indian's life - the day when india bagged the World Cup! And my Mom's Birthday! Some pictures taken at home, while watching the Indian team win the cup! Just wanted to record the moment here in this blog!

And finally the celebrities watching the match including Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan.

April 1/Day 91 - The Red Chinaware

This one is from the archives. Love the bright red handles and the minute artwork on the porcelain ware. it is more of a show piece than a kitchenware. Taken back at home in India.

March 31/Day 90 - Soup in a bread bowl!

 This was taken during one of our trips to the Bay Area. The famous clam chowder and tomato soups in bread bowls at the San Francisco Pier.

March 30/Day 89 - The Yeast Action

This picture was taken when I was making pizza last week. I love watching yeast grow. During the initial days of handling yeast, I felt really scared to see how fast the yeast grows. Watch closely next time, you add yeast to lukewarm water. You will be able to see how fast it grows! It turns frothy and grows faster when you add half a teaspoon of sugar along with the yeast!

Monday, April 4, 2011

March 29 / Day 88 - A smoothie to fuel my day!

My breakfast smoothie to start my day! Made with Acai Berry Juice from Costco, frozen blackberries, low fat yogurt and a banana. Just yum! I love the color. I adapted the recipe from the acai berry juice bottle. the recipe was titled superfood smoothie. What a way to start a day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

March 28/Day 87 - India vs Pakistan

 More pictures taken during the India-Pakistan Semifinals in the World Cup 2011. The players singing the National Anthem!
The Indian Captain - MS Dhoni!

March 27/Day 86 - Cricket Fever!

 These are not very clear pictures taken during the India - Pakistan match in the World Cup Cricket, 2011. Just wanted to capture a memory of this day - an unforgettable one for every Indian!
Players standing after the national anthems waiting to meet the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan!

March 26/Day 85 - Snow near LA!

This was taken during our return trip from Mountain View to Los Angeles! Snow in the mountains around 60 miles north of LA! It has been raining like crazy this time of the year and we can see the snow in these mountains from our balcony when the skies are clear.

It is almost April and no signs of Spring!

March 25/ Day 84 - Colors!

More pictures from the drawing competition!

March 24/Day 83 - Painting Competition

Volunteered at a painting competition held by a Non Profit Organization. A picture of a kid drawing for the theme - "Playing in the Garden". Brought back memories of childhood!
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