Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My new hobby - Knitting

I started knitting earlier this year. I have always had fun crocheting little coasters and other fun stuff when I was a kid. I learnt the art of crocheting during one of our summer vacations. I never continued crocheting after I went to college. After coming to the US, I have always loved looking at the different varieties of yarn at the craft stores. I wanted to learn how to knit.

I came to know that our local library had knitting sessions every thursday and I dropped in the first week of January. I was surprised to see kids, ladies and elderly women knitting several cute stuff. I wanted to jump in the bandwagon. A lady was kind enough to teach me the basic garter stitch the first day. I practiced the stitch at home using chopsticks, since I had not bought needles yet.

This scarf is the outcome of my first knitting project! Even though it was not that perfect, I am satisfied with my first try!


  1. Hi Divya... lovely scarf. I learned basic knitting very recently at our library and made a wash cloth. /its so much fun to create stuff right? :) beautiful!

  2. I was doing when I was in school and stop due to eye problem and neck pain. Seeing all those lovely yarn i feel tempted also, that is nice project Div!

  3. Wow!!! great scarf for the first attempt...looks cute akka :)

  4. Wow!!! great work for the first attempt...looks cute akka :)

  5. it looks good, i am yet to get into these stuffs.


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